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At Virtual translations USA, our team of experts provides impeccable services for our users to have the most accurate results that they expect. Transcription is when verbatim experts use their skills to transcript or record the speaker’s exact intention from the audio or video and convert it into a written or document form. Our team of experts has 5+ years of experience and is skilled in 100+ languages in a wide range of industries.


At Virtual translations USA, the transcription process works according to a fixed mechanism. We make the process effortless, easy, and trouble-free for you. The process includes:


At the initial stage, the users contact us at  and tell us about their requirements and needs. Upload their audio or video file that they want us to convert from the audio or video form into a written document form.


Our team of experts carefully understand the context as well as the needs of the client, and as per the requirements, they work religiously for delivering their impeccable services.


Our expert team works as per the fixed mechanism, which explicitly abides them to finish their work on time and provide excellent quality work to the user in one go. Our experts’ team proofread the entire content to offer error-free content before delivering it to the user.


At Virtual translations USA, the transcription experts work according to a fixed mechanism and with some fixed values that are incredibly necessary to maintain for our experts. The benefits that we provide are as follows:

  • Wide range of transcription services

We at Virtual Translations USA provide our services as per the specific needs and requirements of the user. We provide our services in 120+ languages in a wide range of industries. Our experts are skilled and experienced in their work.


Virtual translations USA delivers both kinds of services machine transcriptions as well as Native human transcriptions as well. We entirely work as per our client’s requests and needs and strive to provide them impeccable work on time.


Our transcription services are based on our impeccable working style that promises the user quality and error-free work finished on time. We provide our transcription services for interviews, presentations, meetings, conference calls, podcasts, sermons, market research, seminars, lectures, focus groups, earnings calls, symposia, theses, dissertations, speeches, oral histories, voice memos, phone calls, qualitative research and more.

We are renowned for providing Audio transcription services in the USA with 100% accuracy and authenticity. Your needs are paramount for us and this is why we take effective stand when it comes to providing you the best out of our transcriptions services in the USA. Now, connect with us and make your move toward success.

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