Do you have any questions? As we have the answers to all of your questions. In the following FAQ'S you will find the answers to most of the frequently asked Questions, Rates and Deadlines

From Transcription to Translation to Typing a document consumes a lot of your time and you end up in either not getting the format right or
end up in having a lot of mistakes, We have a professional team that ensures the accuracy is met and you can trust that your document
will be delivered to you on time with the best quality of work.

Our rates depends on many aspects, fields, and languages needed depending upon the scope of work, deadline required.
Our cost is lowest than our competitors and we charge as low as $0.08 cents per word depending upon the language and its use.

Of course we do, Please send the documents to and we will send you a free quote.

We are opened 24/7 and all of our customer service staffs are highly skilled professionals.

Absolutely, We will handle all your assignments with the utmost confidentiality, We always sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with our staffs,
our professionals and our clients prior to initiating any work, as part of our professional code of ethics.

We will provide you with a certificate of translation either from the translator itself or by the company.

We recruit experienced translators who possess a university degree in translation or the equivalent.
They must pass a translation test that is assessed by our review committee and
we consider their areas of specialization and their professional experience.
There are around 5000 languages more or less spoken around the world.
We have over 2900 translators to which we are connected live using our management system to quickly select and assign the best translator for your job.
Please click on the Chat icon and you can chat with our account representative for a free quote.
You can also send us an email to

To make sure that our clients do not get confused when it comes to payment, we send you a prepay link along with your quote.
If you agree with our quote and are willing to have your document translated with us just use that link to pay.
We provide our clients with the option to pay with any major credit cards by using the people most trusted payment gateway PayPal.

Your order is confirmed right at the moment when your payment reaches us and we begin your task without any further delay. Not just this, but we charge you the lowest rates in the industry,  including during the weekends, we don`t overcharge you for rush hours or weekends, we give you the same price at any moment and
we make sure to deliver your translation or transcription or typing on time, every-time with the best quality and accuracy.

We will send you the translated document for you to review via your email address and once you have confirmed that everything is right,
 we will send you an email with the certificate of translation from which you can print from

A certificate recognizes as having met special qualifications from a professional board, within a field, and to declare true, accurate, etc. by the formal statement, often in writing, verify or attest. A certified paper for instance, is officially or authoritatively attested or authenticated as being accurate or correct as described, or as complying or meeting specified conditions or standards. It may or may not indicate as being accompanied by a certificate.

In the translation industry a certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete.
If your question is not on the list or you need further details, please get in touch by Live chat and we will get your questions answered.

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