We believe translation isn’t just about translating words. It’s about conveying messaging in an impactful manner. By plugging into our network of 25,000 translation and localization experts worldwide, companies can efficiently produce consistent communications that resonate in the hearts and minds of local users around the globe.

Equal to our love for communication is our passion for innovation. Translation APIs, neural machine translation, system integrations – we’re dedicated to adapting the latest language technologies,  guaranteeing our clients the most efficient and consistent service available. It’s no wonder 60% of the world’s fortune 500 companies have all chosen virtual translations for their translation and localization needs.

The need for transcription services is greatly increased with the demand for text form of content rather than audio or videos. According to recent studies, the number of people preferring text form of content over audio or video form is way higher. Also, text or typed content is more beneficial for individuals as well as for businesses if compared to other videos and audios.  The list of benefits for hiring online transcription services is long, which includes some pointers like SEO benefits, easy content availability, user satisfaction and others. As we discussed that people still prefer text content compared to other forms, transcribing your content has ability to enhance user satisfaction by increasing accessibility. Transcribed content can also be helpful for the audience who have hearing disabilities or are deaf. They can grasp complete content if its transcripts are available.

Another benefit is to easily search for content and find it. It’s always easy to search for something important from text form of content, as you can read it quickly. On the other hand, reaching an important point or search for it in an audio/ video is more time-consuming. Texts make search easy for the individuals in need. Also, online search engine platforms do not consider audio, video and image content while making a search. Only text content is considered in searches. Thus, providing text about your service, product or on your website is important to get good SEO rankings and to attract customers. After knowing the importance, it is needed to know about the different types of transcription services as well.

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