Man dies after consuming an excessive amount of licorice


A examine printed Wednesday in The New England Journal of Drugs says a 54-year-old man died on account of consuming an excessive amount of licorice.

The person, a building employee from Massachusetts, misplaced consciousness inside a quick meals restaurant and was taken to a hospital, the place he died the subsequent day.

Docs wrote that he had “a poor weight loss program, consisting primarily of a number of packages of sweet every day,” and that three weeks earlier than, he switched from consuming fruit-flavored smooth sweet to licorice sweet which contained glycyrrhizic acid.

CNN has reached out to Dr. Elazer Edelman, one of many examine’s authors, and is ready to listen to again.

Glycyrrhizic acid, or glycyrrhizin, a sweetening compound derived from licorice root, could cause a drop in potassium ranges within the physique, which in flip could trigger hypertension, swelling, irregular coronary heart rhythms, and even coronary heart failure, in line with the FDA.
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Individuals 40 or older ought to be particularly vigilant about their black licorice consumption: even 2 ounces per day, over a two weeks interval, might trigger irregular coronary heart rhythm and should require hospitalization, the FDA cautions.

The damaging results of consuming an excessive amount of licorice are reversible, and wane when consumption is interrupted. A return to regular potassium ranges could take 1 to 2 weeks, in line with the examine.

Fortunately there are protected alternate options. In response to the NIH, many licorice merchandise accessible within the US do not really comprise licorice, however reasonably anise oil, which is comparable in taste.


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