Why Senate GOPers’ response to Trump is not adequate


Headlined “GOP rising extra detached to Trump controversies as election nears,” the piece outlines the ho-hum reactions — and worse — from Republican senators to President Donald Trump’s ongoing (and worsening) norm-busting.

In response to questions on Trump’s admission that he had “downplayed” the virus to the general public — which he instructed The Washington Submit’s Bob Woodward on tape — here’s what among the senators stated:

* “No. It is faux information.” — Georgia’s Sen. Kelly Loeffler

* “You guys are terrible.” — Arizona’s Sen. Martha McSally

* “Not proper now.” — Iowa’s Sen. Joni Ernst

Uh, what? 

Let’s begin with Loeffler. What, precisely, is “faux information” about Trump, ON TAPE, telling Woodward, “I wished to at all times play it down” and “I nonetheless like taking part in it down, as a result of I do not wish to create a panic.”

Or what about McSally? No matter whether or not Raju and Barrett are “terrible” — which they don’t seem to be — what does that must do with the query she was requested? (HINT: It has nothing to do with it.)

As for Ernst, nicely, is she actually THAT busy that she could not cease to reply a query concerning the a) dominant problem within the nation and b) statements made by the chief of her celebration?

The Level: Elected officers — of each events — have a duty to reply questions requested of them by reporters. Not doing so is an abdication of that duty.


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