DocBook versus DITA


Introduction DocBook and DITA are markup languages used for technical documentation. Each can be utilized to generate the output in HTML, PDF, and CHM codecs. Nonetheless, there’s a huge distinction between these two instruments as they each use very completely different approaches. The software appropriate in your documentation will depend on your necessities and that of your group.


DocBook is a markup language and is used for technical documentation of all kinds.

It permits customers to create paperwork which could be revealed in lots of codecs similar to HTML and PDF with out making any adjustments to the supply code.

The DocBook format relies on XML, which makes it simpler to learn by each people and machines.

Benefits of DocBook:

  • Similar doc could be translated to each web-based and printed doc format.
  • Person can focus on the content material quite than its type.
  • Has excellent documentation.
  • Supplies good help.
  • Could be very helpful for delivering paperwork similar to single books.

Darwin Data Typing Structure (DITA)

DITA is a latest innovation in XML publishing.

The identify stands for:

  • Darwin: Makes use of the rules of specialization and inheritance.
  • Data Typing: Identifies matters that comprise several types of info similar to idea, activity, and reference.
  • Structure: Supplies house for brand new functions and in addition for extension inside the accessible functions.

DITA works on a modular strategy. In DITA, every element of knowledge is taken into account as a subject. These matters could be mixed and reused to type paperwork. DITA has plenty of matter varieties, like activity, idea, and reference. A activity matter describes the process to perform a activity. Idea consists of definitions, guidelines, and so on. A reference matter explains directions and numerous reference supplies. You may outline a brand new matter kind by specialization. Specialization permits you to create a brand new matter primarily based on the properties of an current matter.

Benefits of DITA:

  • Encapsulation: Every particular person is accountable for their job, which will increase safety. For instance, an individual creating a subject must know the weather pertaining to the subject kind, whereas the particular person utilizing the subject must know solely tips on how to use it.
  • Polymorphism: Subjects could be created as extra generic classes for widespread use.
  • Subjects could be reused simply.
  • XML could be modified simply to go well with consumer wants.

Variations between DocBook and DITA

  • DocBook has been accessible for a few years and is powerful and robust in comparison with DITA.
  • DocBook was initially designed for print and PDF output, however it has now expanded to generate on-line Assist. DITA was not designed for printed output, however was created to make use of the idea of matter and matter varieties.
  • DocBook makes use of hierarchy whereas DITA makes separate matters, which could be mixed as required.
  • DocBook has a hard and fast set of components. DITA could be prolonged, permitting the consumer so as to add extra components as per particular person wants.
  • DocBook has good documentation whereas DITA is just too new to be effectively documented.
  • Enlargement of XML is best supported by DITA than DocBook.


DITA makes it simpler for content material reuse. It’s helpful if you wish to reuse many matters. Nonetheless, in case you are writing a single, lengthy doc like a e book, DocBook can be a extra dependable alternative.


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