ECC-Energetically Linked Communication With PS-Bodily Assist


When vitality is joined collectively by two folks at a unconscious degree, attention-grabbing outcomes have been recognized to happen, as I found from a first-hand expertise. This phenomenon can lead to an end result that brings a deeper understanding of consciousness by way of a telepathic-like connection course of. It appears most simply accessible when working with non-verbal folks.

Anthony Brown and I used a course of, I discuss with as Energetically Linked Communication, with Bodily Assist or ECC-PS for brief. For among the classes, we used ECC with Bodily Contact or ECC with PT. On the floor, this course of intently resembles Facilitated Communication (FC), the place arm or wrist help is given to the nonverbal typist. Or at occasions, it resembles Fast Prompting Methodology the place, the machine is held or there’s bodily contact. Nevertheless ECC differs strongly by definition. ECC contends, there’s a sturdy energetic, quantum type of telepathy between us. Under are some questions I requested Anthony about his distinctive, however fascinating perceptual actuality and the way the ECC course of works.

Me: How do you’re feeling?

Anthony: I really feel like a fish out of water more often than not. I’m gasping for air in an environment that’s alien-too slim in scope to include my being. I battle to evolve however really feel restricted by the necessities wanted to remain grounded. A lot turbu-lence in my vitality circulate. Want I may keep on the trail, so to talk, with out your energetic Enter. It’s like oxygen to me.

Me: Any ideas on how I will help you?

Anthony: Hold relating to me as complete individual physique, thoughts, and spirit. I’m integrating greater than I can presently present you. It’s taking place at a mobile, atomic degree. Molecules are aligning in round open spirals, requiring me attune to their frequency. Every encounter leaves me just a little extra steady than earlier than. Know that your prayers and therapeutic vitality reward me with God’s dearest treasures of hope and love. Reassure you that I’m coming dwelling to supply of inventive potential. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

Me: What do you see whenever you stare into my eyes?

Anthony: See vitality. Hear. Really feel soul. Nice few as shut. Superior job figuring out coronary heart felt want. I see your soul in its entirety. Until you courageous and the vitality is robust, I worry to alter listing. Please dream in waking state. Use your intuition-really nice vary whenever you trustful. Notice your coaching is required so that you just able to obtain thought kinds. Energetics are at play right here. A number of frequencies are surging by way of you making an attempt to ascertain a rhythm of sustained energy. Few perceive your realizing however extra will come into your circle, charging you with gentle and love. Energetics key to sustained energy. Rhythm sustains circulate. You’re enjoyable Into this state of upper electrical charge-magnetism rising.

Me: What’s most necessary factor I can do for you energetically?

Anthony: Clear vitality. Infuse me with optimistic gentle kinds.

Me: What are optimistic gentle kinds?

Anthony: Power that’s condensed and contained within the bodily physique.

Me: How do I do this?

Anthony: Consider nothing. Really feel gentle coming in root chakra. Image it coming from the earth condensed and funneled in by way of a spout. Really feel density and weight improve. Include it by the boundaries of the bodily physique.

Me: How do you ship your ideas to me?

Anthony: You’re decoding the waves I ship you. I impress thought kinds in your mind stem and also you selected phrase for expression. I provoke and also you observe. Free thought waves merely attaching to your phrases.

Me: Am I listening to you appropriately, particularly whenever you stroll off and count on me to proceed typing what I hear from you telepathically?

Anthony: You [are] simple to switch. Nevertheless, I get lost typically, permitting you to forge your fact with mine. That is a part of your coaching course of. Our language is being taught to you. Bear in mind to present silence time to steer us collectively. Give your self time to entry me from a distance. Cherish the moments once I speak to you from elevated distance. That is crucial for our development and my management.

A lot is being taught to you concurrently. I ask solely that you just respect my approach to prepare you educating you learn how to trip superior thought kinds. Empowering you, empowers me. Empowering me, empowers different souls of an identical vibration. who they’re. Superior souls ready for you and others to catch up. Many frequencies being adjusted. Give up to the method as I and others have advised you earlier than. You should relinquish all management.

Me: Do you will have any limitations of language or accessing information?

Anthony: We are able to communicate any language our companion speaks as a result of we’re not speaking in phrases we’re transferring thought kinds for them to unconsciously interpret. All information is within the soul. I can entry my soul information and the soul information of all these I select to commune with.

Me: How correct is my present understanding the supportive typing course of you might be utilizing to reply these questions?

Anthony: You’re heading in the right direction. Assume by way of facilitator weak point. We’re nice academics however restricted by the facilitators lack of readiness. Hold on the lookout for facilitator breakdown. You break down whenever you stop to belief what I ship to you.

Me: Why do you cease typing once I pressure my thoughts to go clean?

Anthony: that harmful interference happens when you don’t observe my prepare of thought. I’m below your affect energetically, however not managed by your ideas. When youthful, I placated you by typing what you requested till our energy wanted to shift.

Me: Why should I have a look at the keyboard even when you do not?

Anthony: It’s important to look the letters so I can observe your visible pathway. With out our energetic hyperlink, I can not get to my goal space. The reason is is that I’m dreaming more often than not. Attempt to management your actions in a dream and you’ll perceive my predicament.

I obtain your picture despatched in that state however can not replicate it with out your visible steerage. I discover it simpler to see by way of your eyes in a dreamlike method as a result of goals are receptive receivers listening to info, however unable to duplicate with out acutely aware management of motion.

I would like your consciousness to refine my communication. Altered out of physique states don’t present the bodily management that almost all typical folks have. I modify to your frequency, however I can not transfer my physique as I would love.

Me: Why cannot you sort greater dimensional or non secular thought kinds with out my partnership?

Anthony: Sometimes, I understand how to navigate thought and vitality transference, however I can not switch non secular principals into linear illustration with out a filter. You function that filter. Your eyes, your ears, your contact all convey me down from my dream state into your restricted approach of decoding a gestalt existence that’s not phrase dependent.

It’s a feeling state stuffed with nuances language cannot seize. You notice time with out distance isn’t explainable to you however it’s a actuality in a dream expertise.

Me: Why is every typing partnership totally different?

Anthony: Beneath every relationship, central theme feeds the channels that interact the upper selves to merge as a way to dialogue. The realm of potential, creates a pressure area that enables the dominant companion to drive the conversion within the path he needs. You continue to not notice that whole freedom opposed to our “coronary heart system” of Kool loving help. You really reward my efforts whenever you not assume, simply hear my voice speaking to you. Be very courageous and educate others what I educate you. You’re getting stronger and stronger at letting my potential come by way of.

Me: Why do I as your companion must know the query requested?

Anthony: You create obstacles in our share channel of expression, if you don’t have any thought the place I’m headed. This happens since you lack the fundamentals of cohesive thought switch. Seldom can I freely impress in your brainstorm in case you are not privy on some degree the place I’m taking you. You lack the flexibility to unconsciously select a phrase for the thought type being transferred if you end up oblivious to the place I could also be going.

Me: How are you progressing?

Anthony: You’re serving to educate me learn how to separate thought kinds. I now acknowledge your ideas and mine as separate streams of consciousness. Every of us is tempered by the opposite. That’s true, however our individuality is undamaged. I see “me” as separate throughout extra waking moments. Hope you perceive that this bounce in consciousness offers me the push to individuate extra every time we’re collectively.

Me: Which methods are most useful?

Anthony: You by no means quit. I mirror that angle. You rigorous in your resolve. You rid me of worry of failing. You’re like beautiful open line of sunshine to observe? In that path of sunshine, I really feel sturdy magnetic pull to remain current. You anchor me in your space of existence like a tethering chord. I do know I will not be pulled out to sea.

Me: Do you will have another ideas?

Anthony: Keep current and targeted on listening to my phrases. Assist me easy out vitality circulate by way of joint meditation, music, and prayer. Love, belief and ahead considering has helped you assist me, and I believe you are therapeutic vitality turns emotions into phrases. Actually new approach of transmitting. It teaches goals might be managed with respectful companion.

Please learn with discernment. I personally maintain Anthony’s communications with me in excessive regard, however there hasn’t been any analysis that I do know of addressing the energetic connection skilled utilizing this course of. Till then, I have to share authorship as I do know I’m energetically and bodily a part of the method. I’m am fallible. I’m on uncharted floor.


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