Evaluating 5-Aspect Horse Temperament Typing to the Parelli Horsenality Sorts


A number of folks have requested me how the 5-Aspect horse typing system compares to the Parelli Horsenality system, so listed here are my ideas.

The Horsenality system is a implausible system to establish conduct in a horse, and as soon as the conduct has been appropriately recognized one of the simplest ways to method the conduct could be chosen. I consider a horse’s Horsenality profile could be influenced by his setting and coaching.

I consider the 5-Aspect typing system helps establish the underlying temperament of the horse and sure temperaments can have extra of an inclination to exhibit one Horsenality profile over one other.

Listed here are the Horsenality profiles as described on the Parelli web site. I record the final traits of every sort (i.e., Proper Mind/Extrovert), after which examine them to the 5-Aspect sorts.

++++ Horsenality Descriptions ++++

Horsenality – Proper Mind/Extrovert

Traits of a “Proper Brained” (RB) Extrovert embrace being frantic, fearful, and will tend to bolt and rear. RB Extroverts are normally held again and tied down when they’re panicky (martingales, nosebands, gag bits, twisted wire, and many others) however what they actually need is to really feel secure and develop belief.

Horsenality – Left Mind/Extrovert

Traits of a “Left Brained” (LB) Extrovert embrace being mischievous, energetic, willful, disobedient, domineering, and will tend to be mouthy, nip and chew. LB Extroverts are straightforward to coach until you might be boring and repetitive by which case they act up and change into unruly.

Horsenality – Left Mind/Introvert

Traits of “Left Brained” (LB) Introverts embrace bored, disinterested, unmotivated, sulls up (stops and will not go ahead in defiance), lazy and cussed and will tend to buck. LB Introverts merely win out by being non-responsive till you surrender. This kind horse will reply rewards for good conduct and can carry out higher if he sees a goal for an exercise.

Horsenality – Proper Mind/Introvert

Traits of a “Proper Brained” (RB) Introvert embrace being tense, shy, unpredictable, and will tend to freeze, after which explode. RB Introverts are normally pushed to go ahead when they’re hesitant and uncertain. Slowing down the coaching till the horse has confidence and understands what he’s studying is the best way to go along with this kind.

Get extra detailed descriptions of every sort on the Parelli web site: http://www.parelli.com.

++++ How 5-Aspect Sorts Evaluate to Horsenalities ++++

Based mostly on my understanding of the Horsenality system, I might count on a balanced Fireplace horse to behave most frequently as a Left Mind/Extrovert. If confused by tough dealing with or ache or frightened, the Fireplace horse might tip into the Proper Mind/Extrovert profile and wish his belief to be re established.

The Earth horse will normally fall into the Left Mind/Extrovert profile. This kind horse could be very strong and won’t possible shift into Proper Mind conduct until severely confused. The Earth horse can shift to Left Mind/Introverted conduct if he isn’t handled with kindness and motivated to be taught new issues.

The Metallic horse will are inclined to behave as a Left Mind/Introvert until he has been pushed to be taught too many new issues sooner than he was in a position. On this case he can shift to Proper Mind/Extrovert conduct, and his coaching will must be slowed down till he regains his confidence and shifts again right into a much less reactive mind set, which can enable him to be taught.

The Water Horse is more likely to naturally present up as a Proper Mind/Extrovert and with appropriate dealing with centered on constructing belief he could be taught to reply reasonably than react.

The Wooden horse tends to behave from the Left Mind aspect with a full vary of Extroverted and Introverted traits. If the Wooden horse is saved stimulated with new actions and his power channeled into constructive work he generally is a very rewarding horse to work with.

I really feel utilizing these two programs collectively could be very highly effective to not solely take care of the conduct you might be seeing within the second and to look below that and see why the conduct is happening. It the 5-Aspect sort is recognized early within the horse’s life then he could be dealt with in such a means as to maintain him strong within the constructive Horsenality traits and fewer more likely to develop an undesirable Horsenality. Realizing your horse’s underlying 5-Aspect sort also can assist you choose the right Horsenality profile and selected the very best actions to take to forestall or appropriate lower than fascinating conduct.


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