Frequent Errors to Be Averted in English Translation


A nicely written textual content or article possesses some fundamental qualities like appropriate grammar, correct sentence development and no spelling errors. Whereas making an attempt English translation the translator wants to stick to those guidelines as nicely. Reproducing a written materials in one other language is sort of like writing it another time. So, a great translator must be a great author first.

There are particular qualities that make a author a great author; one in all them is avoiding the frequent errors in English writing. Writing in a easy and concise method is taken into account a advantage of a great author. Including to that, being conscious of the frequent errors that many writers typically commit are a bonus too.

Right here we are going to focus on about some frequent errors that writers and translators want to remember whereas translating into English. Let’s take a look at a few of these quite common English writing mistakes-

Utilizing Passive Expressions

Too many passive expressions within the writing typically rob it of its magnificence. Passive constructions make a sentence sound dry. It’s a higher thought to make use of passive expressions solely when the doer is unknown or you’re deliberately avoiding its title. Barring these conditions, it’s good to keep away from them. An instance,

As a substitute of, “The damaged piece of the toy is fastened by me” use “I’ve fastened the damaged piece of the toy”.

‘On account of’ and ‘Due to’

The phrases like ‘attributable to’, ‘due to’ make a sentence pointless sophisticated with out including a lot worth to the which means. It typically makes the sentences much less clear. For instance,

As a substitute of, “On account of extreme chilly, he felt sick”, “Extreme chilly makes him fall sick” is clearer.

Utilizing ‘Whether or not’ Alone

The phrase ‘whether or not’ can’t be used alone as the entire phrase is ‘whether or not or not’. When it’s used alone, it doesn’t full the sense. For example,

“It is best to resolve first whether or not you wish to be a part of the faculty band” is wrong. “It is best to resolve first whether or not you wish to be a part of the faculty band or not” is the suitable expression.

Inappropriate Use of ‘Completely different’

It isn’t all the time sufficient to say one thing is totally different as that may be obscure. When you find yourself saying one thing is totally different from the opposite it is very important say in what method. For instance, ‘totally different cultures’ is significant however ‘totally different software program’ doesn’t convey full sense.

High quality – Good or Dangerous?

Utilizing the phrase ‘high quality’ earlier than a noun is incomplete as the standard of the product will be good or unhealthy. To make full sense one wants to say that as nicely. For Instance, “This one is a high quality smartphone” is complicated. Reasonably “This one is a high-quality smartphone” is correct.

Fallacious Comparisons

Whereas writing comparative sentences typically writers miss an important phrase that modifications the which means of the sentence. It is very important be clear about which issues are in contrast. For instance, “Japanese automobiles eat much less gasoline than Individuals” is unsuitable whereas “Japanese automobiles eat much less gasoline than American ones” is acceptable.

Being Too Complicated

Utilizing too many advanced sentences can unnecessarily complicate the textual content and make it obscure. It’s definitely a greater thought to make use of easy and straight sentences so that everyone can simply perceive.

Incorrect Phrase

Writers typically use some incorrect phrases regardless of understanding, like ‘I may care much less’ as an alternative of ‘I could not care much less’. Such errors alter the which means of the sentence. So, it is very important watch out of such errors.


English translation providers are a vital facet of the worldwide enterprise situation. So skilled English translators who should not solely skilled linguists, but in addition has a eager eye for the errors. To err is human. So, a great translator is one who learns from the errors and tries to keep away from them in his writings. The above-mentioned errors are among the quite common one whereas there are a lot of extra. To enhance continually the translator wants to concentrate on them and continue learning until the tip.


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