Greek Superstitions


The Evil Eye (“Vaskania”):

The Evil Eye, or what the Greek Orthodox Church calls “Vaskania,” is a Greek superstition that claims that simply by taking a look at somebody with envy, an individual can hurt you, your own home, your youngsters, your livestock or some other private belonging. To beat back the Evil Eye, Greeks put on little blue eye trinkets as necklaces and bracelets. Blue stones also can shield you from the Evil Eye, as a result of in Greece the colour blue is taken into account to be a protecting coloration. Moreover, Greeks place a cactus on the entrance of their dwelling to beat back the Evil Eye.

Garlic (σκÏŒρδο /”Skorda”):

Garlic not solely fends off the Evil Eye, however it additionally retains away evil spirits and demons. It isn’t unusual to hold round a head of garlic in your purse or see it dangling in eating places, outlets and houses. Moreover, it’s thought-about to be a therapeutic energy and every time somebody is ailing, they’re suggested to eat garlic.

“Piase Kokkino”:

If two Greeks say the phrase “Piase Kokkino” (which means “purple contact” in English) on the identical time, they’ve to right away contact something purple merchandise surrounding them. Saying the identical factor on the identical time is an omen in Greece, they usually consider that if they do not instantly contact one thing purple, the 2 will find yourself preventing or arguing.


Sneezing, in Greece, implies that somebody is speaking about you. They’ve even provide you with a mathematical formulation that lets you calculate who it’s that is speaking about you.

Tuesday the 13th:

In Greece, it’s not Friday the 13th that’s thought-about to be dangerous luck, however slightly Tuesday the 13th.


To maintain dangerous issues from taking place to you, spitting (thrice) prevents that. Spitting retains evil away and in addition prevents misfortunes.


Crows are thought-about omens of misfortune and dying in Greece. Should you ever see a crow or hear them cawing, you’re to say “Sto Kalo, Sto Kalo, Kala Nea na me Feris” which implies “go and produce me excellent news.”


Salt might help you do away with any undesirable visitor in your house. Sprinkle salt behind the individual as a result of it accommodates powers that can chase them away. Greeks additionally sprinkle a brand new home with salt, as it would ward off the evil spirits and demons.


It’s thought-about dangerous luck and even an omen of dying to depart your footwear the other way up, with the soles dealing with upwards. Should you discover your footwear the other way up, instantly flip them over and say “Skorda” (garlic), to beat back the dangerous spirits.

Strive translating these superstitions into Greek and apply your Greek language abilities. Have you learnt some other Greek superstitions? Inform us your superstition by leaving a remark beneath.


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