How To Say Do Not Disturb in 12 Languages


Typical workplace signage contains many phrases that we have come to just accept as normal inside a piece atmosphere. Some phrases, particularly these associated to security, are sometimes translated into graphic representations to ensure they’re understood by everybody no matter any potential language boundaries that will exist.

Examples would possibly embody “Hearth Exit”, “Excessive Voltage”, “No Smoking”, “Poisonous Materials”, “Flammable”, and “Radioactive”. We’re conditioned to grasp what these icons symbolize once we see them.

Different workplace signage phrases, nonetheless, haven’t got a normal iconic picture illustration assigned to them. If the work atmosphere performs host to multi-cultural guests, necessary workplace signage might have to be translated into generally used languages to make sure that the messages are heeded.

Take into account that if you’re changing one small signal with one which will likely be accommodating varied translations of that phrase, the brand new signal will possible take up significantly extra space. You could want to alter the situation of the present signal to make room for the brand new, bigger one.

One such phrase that’s ubiquitous in most work environments is that of “Do Not Disturb”. The “Do Not Disturb” signal could be seen in lots of conditions, but it surely typically doesn’t have a standard graphic illustration. Some venues that decision for a Do Not Disturb signal would possibly embody convention or assembly rooms, analysis labs, darkish rooms, film studios, recording studios, interview rooms, and govt places of work.

In the event you want a multi-cultural workplace signal for the frequent phrase, “Do Not Disturb”, listed here are 12 translations to get you began.

English: Don’t disturb

French: Ne pas déranger

Spanish: No molestar

German: Nicht stören

Dutch: Niet storen

Italian: Non disturbare

Polish: Nie przeszkadzać

Portuguese: Não Pertube

Hungarian: Ne zavarjanak

Latin: Operor non perago

Swahili: Usinisumbue

Vietnamese: Không disturb

In fact, the languages you select to your workplace indicators will rely closely on the workers and guests that frequent your web site. In the event you aren’t positive of essentially the most outstanding languages used at your web site, have all guests and workers fill out a really quick type upon arrival on the office for a set time interval. One week is commonly adequate for a ballot of this kind. After getting adequate variety of varieties to research, you’ll decide the languages into which you may have to translate your workplace signage.


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