Is Utilizing the Phrase ‘Mosque’ Offensive to Muslims?


There’s a number of dialogue in regards to the origin of the phrase “mosque.” One of the crucial fashionable explanations is that through the reign of King Ferdinand and his spouse Queen Isabella -when they have been increasing Christianity towards the Muslims-one of them supposedly acknowledged that they have been going to swat the Muslims within the masjid the place they congregate, like mosquitoes.

This allegedly gave rise to the time period “mosque.” Now, there isn’t any conclusive proof that this story is true, nonetheless, the time period “mosque” just isn’t right, whether or not it is offensive or not.

Make no mistake about it, many Muslims are offended by the time period. So, what does this phrase “mosque” imply? Mosque is used to explain the place of worship for Muslims.

Because the church is to Christians

Because the temple is to Jews

Because the “mosque” is to Muslims

What is the huge deal? Nicely, “mosque” is meant to be a translation of the Arabic phrase “masjid” (pronounced simply as you see it).

The issue is that there’s not one phrase within the English language that defines masjid. “Mosque” is derived from the French language. Usually, you are not going to outline an English phrase with a French phrase.

The perfect English translation for masjid, and Allah is aware of finest, is four phrases and they’re “the place of worship.”

So, the following time you are talking with a Muslim and this topic comes up, use the time period “masjid” (this may present that somewhat extra about Islamic phrases than the typical individual) or “your home of worship.”

You may keep away from a headache.

Ibraheem Wilson


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