Medical Transcription and Drug Reference


Medicines and medicines are an integral a part of mainstream western allopathic medicines which might be consumed around the globe. A medical transcription skilled who each day transcribes the dictations by the physicians or any specialist docs will usually come throughout prescription of medication each previous and new. A medical transcriptionist has to pay attention to the newest medicine launched within the involved market and this may be achieved with the next pharmacology (drug) reference books which ought to at all times be part of his library.

  • Doctor’s Desk Reference (PDR)
  • American Drug Index (ADI)
  • Saunders Pharmaceutical Phrase Guide
  • Understanding Pharmacology
  • Every time a transcriptionist comes throughout a brand new drug title he should know the right way to seek for it and turn out to be conversant in the medicine, their indications and dosages. Being updated can save quite a lot of search time. Keep in mind, good productiveness in transcription is a vital issue as cost is often made on a per line foundation.

    Whereas a drug’s commerce title or model title is chosen for its attraction to prescribing physicians, the generic drug can have a number of commerce names, every copyrighted by totally different producers. Whereas transcribing drug names these are a number of the principal elements that ought to be saved in thoughts by the transcriptionist.

  • Generic names are in decrease case
  • Commerce names begin in capitals and may have inner caps as properly
  • PDR (Physicians’ Desk Reference) is for pharmaceuticals
  • Separate publication for non pharmaceuticals
  • Medication can sound related however be completely totally different in spelling and utilization
  • Don’t capitalize phrases like pill / capsule / answer / cream and so on
  • One of many greatest challenges medical transcriptionists usually come throughout is when listening to tapes that is probably not very clear within the dictation. It may be complicated when there are two medicine which might be spelled in another way however sound very a lot alike. These two medicine may very well be for fully totally different makes use of and the transcription skilled needs to be very alert to all such names.


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