Spanish – English Motorbike Terminology


Following the acquisition of a bike within the barrio of Malvin in Montevideo the creator has had occasional necessities to go to mechanics / gross sales folks and talk about varied gadgets relating to bikes, automobiles and the mechanical parts of each.

This artcile offers an inventory of helpful vocabulary that he has recorded throughout this course of; translations are usually not assured to be 100% correct however they’ve been realized to interplay with locals.

  • Spanish: English
  • La chapa : The quantity (licence) plate…the precise metallic plate on the car.
  • La matricula: The registration of the car that enables the difficulty of a plate.
  • Patente Rodo: The highway fund licence (annual charge to help you drive on the highway)
  • Los cambios: The gears
  • Primer: First
  • Segunda: Second
  • Tercera: Third
  • Cuarta: Fourth
  • Quinta: Fifth
  • Punto muerto / Neutralo: Impartial gear
  • El embrague: The clutch
  • El accelerador: The accelerator / throttle
  • El incendido digital: Electrical begin
  • La junta: The seal (for instance the rocker cowl seal)
  • El alternador: The alternator
  • La cadena: The chain
  • El aceite: The oil
  • El aceite del motor: Engine oil
  • El aceite de la cadena: Chain oil
  • Lubricacion: Lubrication
  • Lubricante: Lubricant
  • El freno: The brake
  • Freno de disco: Brake disc
  • Pastilles de freno: Brake footwear/pads
  • Las ruedas: The wheels
  • La horquilla: The fork (suspension fork)
  • La amortiguacion: The suspension / shock absorber
  • El manillar: The handlebars
  • La nafta: Petrol (gasoline)
  • El tanque: The tank
  • El pie: The stand (actually the foot)
  • El cuadro: The body
  • El asiento: The seat / saddle
  • Las aforjas: The panniers (saddlebags)
  • Los guardabarros: The mud guards
  • Caño de escape: Exhaust/Tail pipe (actually pipe of escape)
  • Los espejos: The mirrors
  • La garantia: Guarantee/Assure
  • Arreglar: To repair
  • Andar: To journey (in Uruguay/Argentina)
  • Manajar: To drive (additionally used with motorbikes by some folks)
  • Montar: To journey (in different international locations, actually to mount)

This checklist is just not designed to be exhaustive however might show helpful if anybody is coping with mechanics specifically, a lot of the ones I’ve met don’t converse English however with some perseverance it’s completely attainable to make your message understood – by no means below estimate the ability of sound results and charades within the absence of the right phrases.


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