Taking the Thriller Out of Jamaican Patois Translations


Now and again my buddies and I are requested to do Jamaican Patois translations. More often than not these translations stem from films and music. Often we are saying sure to doing a Jamaican translation, however we at all times clarify that Patois is a free flowing language with out the numerous guidelines of normal English or different languages, so that you would possibly later hear one thing that contradicts what we stated and it’s nonetheless right.

The written type of Jamaican Patois is one in every of most important areas the place individuals get confused. The confusion is smart. At some point you see the phrase patois written as “patois” after which the subsequent day you see the phrase written as “patwa”. Each spellings are “right” so far as Jamaican Patois is anxious as a result of the rule is, there are not any manner correct methods of spelling specific phrases. Patois is a spoken language that’s changing into a written language with some guidelines however not as many as commonplace English. For instance, final week somebody on Twitter, the microblogging web site, requested how do you spell “Bumboclat” (one in every of a number of uniquely Jamaican curse phrases). You might spell Bumboclat a minimum of three other ways. Listed below are just a few: bumboclat, bumboclaat, bumboclot and even, bumbaclaat. Which one is true? All of them are. So for the individual studying to talk patois who desires to write down one thing in patois, the rule is write it the way you pronounce it. This would possibly end in a deviation of you English grammar guidelines, however breaking the foundations is what patois is about.

Translating Jamaican proverbs and phrases is one other space of thriller for the non-Jamaican pupil of Jamaican Patois. Typically instances new phrases and realities seem when somebody is studying to speak Jamaican. For instance, a primary expression is “experience di riddim.” For the individual new to Jamaican Patois, the phrase riddim could be new, however even when the individual deduces that riddim is the patois model of the phrase rhythm, you will need to know the cultural significance of the “riddim” in dancehall music. You would possibly hear the phrases ackee, pickney or duppy utilized in a well-liked Jamaican Proverb and be a bit confused as a result of these phrases will not be utilized in commonplace English. For instance, right here is a well-liked Jamaican Patois phrase “Disobedient pickeny nyam rockstone.” The expression says disobedient kids will at all times be punished or have a foul ending. The pronunciation of the phrase is one factor, however the familiarity of the phrases is one other degree of confusion. The answer is to follow, follow, follow and get as accustomed to the Jamaican vocabulary. Mastering expressions and their translation comes over time when somebody is put into completely different contexts.

The ultimate demystifying level is, don’t attempt to translate all the pieces phrase for phrase. This can be a mistake so many individuals make when studying any language, not to mention Jamaican Patois. Languages are shaped from completely different historic occasions, typically the fusion of various cultures and concepts. It’s largely a waste of time and vitality attempting to translate expressions and phrases phrase for phrase as a result of the which means could possibly be 100% completely different from the interpretation. For instance, if somebody stated ” Yuh know very long time in the past Jamaica run a purple.” Effectively, what does “run a purple” actually imply? By translating the expression, phrase for phrase, you wouldn’t be capable to know, so it’s critical that you just spend simply as a lot time listening to what different persons are saying and when they’re saying one thing as you spend learning expression out of a guide.

Hopefully, this may make clear a number of the Jamaican translation course of. Just like Patois, when translating the Jamaican language, bear in mind it’s extra of an artwork than it’s a science.


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