Talking Spanish – Enjoyable Sayings and Phrases


When studying a language it’s usually helpful to have a little bit inventory of frequent phrases. Immediately understood and useful in lots of circumstances, memorising just a few of those brief phrases builds confidence in your potential to speak naturally in numerous conditions.They’re additionally usually fairly amusing and though they can’t all be straight translated all of them have their equal sayings in English.

A largo plazo/a corto plaza

In the long run and within the brief time period – used simply as they’d be in English.

Quien mal anda, mal acaba

He who lives in dysfunction involves a nasty finish. This could possibly be comnpared to reside by the sword, die by the sword.

Poner el grito en el cielo

Actually this implies shouting loud sufficient to achieve the sky however in English one would solely hit the roof.

Morir con las botas puestas

Whereas the saying actually means to die with one’s boots on, it may be in comparison with the English phrase to die within the saddle. In different phrases, to die whereas working laborious.

Bueno es hablar, pero mejor es callar

Speech is nice, however silence is best. Just like ‘silence is golden’ in English the place the recommendation means to maintain your individual council. thought.

No por mucho madrugar amanece más temprano

Identical to the fable of the tortoise and the hare, this saying has the which means of gradual and regular wins the race.

año nuevo, vida nueva

New yr, new life — as you’ll anticipate this saying is used to welcome within the New 12 months.

A mucha hambre, no hay pan duro

This sentiment is much like beggars cannot be choosers or starvation makes a superb kitchen the extra direct translation is for the very hungry no bread is just too laborious.

Algo es algo; menos es nada.

One thing is one thing, much less is nothing or as we would say in English half of one thing is best than nothing in any respect.

Como (que) dos y dos son cuatroThis actually interprets to as two and two make 4 although we may be extra prone to say as certain because the day is lengthy or as certain as gun is iron or any of the same phrases that there are for this sentiment in English.

I hope this brief sampling of common Spanish phrases encourages you to stay with whichever Spanish language course you’ve chosen to observe.


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