Telepathic Merging of Consciousness Between Facilitator and Nonverbal Autistic Typist


Facilitated communication (FC) is the method used to assist nonverbal people with extreme autism to specific themselves by typing with the assistance of a delegated “facilitator.” In coping with these labeled “autistic,” the facilitator’s function is to supply bodily and emotional assist to the nonverbal particular person, who then transmits his or her responses both by way of typing or another means, equivalent to phrase playing cards. Typically the facilitator lends a hand, wrist, or arm for assist. At different occasions, the facilitator merely sits subsequent to the typist and focuses on the keyboard and the fabric being typed.

At this level, FC stays a controversial course of. Bodily and emotional assist are clearly a part of the method, however my expertise tells me that there’s additionally a posh energetic and telepathic facet. The truth is, my observations have raised many unanswered questions that I hope will encourage additional research. For instance:

  • Why do I often hear the phrase or phrases in my head earlier than they’re typed?
  • Why do I must know the questions being requested?
  • When one other facilitator and I assist the identical particular person, why do the typist’s responses to open-ended questions generally differ?
  • Once I give assist to a number of nonverbal typists on the identical time, why do they resonate with one another to the purpose of with the ability to full one another’s sentences?
  • Why are the typists I work with restricted by the language I converse, my vocabulary, and my information base?

Skeptics merely dismiss the method of Facilitated Communication-FC, as facilitator motor influence-Intelligent Hans Syndrome, or the act of subconsciously giving an animal or particular person the mandatory cues to finish a job. However when the typist is putting the proper keys with out arm or wrist assist, however nonetheless requires an individual to the touch or sit subsequent to him in an effort to talk, each skeptics and supporters are at a loss for a proof. Supporters say the particular person is typing independently, though he’s depending on proximity management and a shared focus. They recommend that the particular person sitting subsequent to him is merely there to supply emotional assist. But my sense from my very own expertise is that there’s an lively merging of consciousness that goes deeper than easy telepathy. This happens with or with out arm assist, however in my expertise, my intent and focus really improve when bodily assist just isn’t given and the communication by way of typing is solely depending on proximity management for its expression.

Lately, one among my nonverbal pals typed me a facilitated message through which she instructed me that she was impressing photographs on my brainstem and that I used to be instantaneously and unconsciously discovering the best phrases for the thought types she was impressing. If that is true, that might clarify why I hear every phrase in my head proper earlier than she sorts it. She additionally recommended that she accesses and transmits messages from greater religious realms similarly. She first receives an impression from the upper realm after which impresses it upon my brainstem. This viewpoint helps clarify a few of my unanswered questions, as talked about above. For instance:

  • Why are messages usually religious in nature?
  • Why are nonverbal people with autism restricted by the language, information base, bias, and vocabulary of the facilitator?
  • The particular person with autism appears to have entry to his accomplice’s information base. Is facilitator’s vary of information what limits the vary of expression?
  • Why do my biases generally leak by way of?

Since facilitators have a stronger maintain on ego-based thought, they need to always guard in opposition to permitting their particular person biases to affect the particular person typing. Contradictory opinions are sometimes typed when the identical facilitator pairs with completely different companions. My ardour is to assist autistic people strengthen their acutely aware egos in order that they will specific their opinions with out being influenced by different sources. Till then, I proceed to acknowledge facilitator affect as a chance. Within the meantime, essential selections or opinions that probably affect nonverbal particular person or different folks want further validation by way of having the typist reply essential questions with a number of companions. Statement of physique language, habits, and alternate impartial types of communication additionally must be used.

My private feeling about this partnership is that it will possibly probably improve the facilitator’s greater self and soul information. However as attractive and thrilling as this can be, it is determined by its acknowledgement as a chance and must be consciously explored. The method is advanced and actually fascinating. In my very own expertise, the responses to questions I’ve obtained generally come throughout as metaphorical or visible. There are additionally occasions once I appear to know extra than simply the phrases I hear, and my understanding takes the type of a direct sort of understanding that is troublesome to explain in phrases. In these moments, my easy thoughts is receiving a minute glimpse of the interdimensional interaction of a mess of thought types, all racing to the floor for expression however restricted by my particular person information base, understanding, and the restrictions of our language-based system of communication. I view the sort of communication as their present to me, and deeply respect it, however I don’t imagine it ought to supercede my dedication to assist them really feel extra comfy of their our bodies and strengthen their acutely aware primarily based ideas and selections.

These experiences depart me eager to know extra about this expanded consciousness and mode of communication. The implications it has for our evolution are huge. Think about, for instance the advantage of pairing these insightful souls with specialists, these with exact information in varied fields and the vocabulary wanted to elucidate it. As an illustration, researchers engaged on a remedy for most cancers may study to accomplice with these sensible souls, who would then be capable to add perception to their findings and improve their current stage of understanding.

As a curious one that has skilled this phenomenon with many nonverbal youngsters and adults, I wish to know the way it works! These wonderful souls have a lot to show us. It is time to give them an opportunity to show themselves, which begins with actually and overtly exploring and discussing all features of their mind-boggling and actually wonderful actuality. I’d love to come back along with others who use FC and comparable accomplice dependent methods, equivalent to Fast Prompting Methodology (RPM), and who’re prepared to let go of their preconceived concepts and ask these wonderful souls to assist us perceive. It astounds me that individuals are not popping out of the woodwork to share this wonderful dynamic. However till then, and whether or not or not they do, I’ll proceed to pose inquiries to my pals with autism, each individually and collectively, and to share with them the intuitive ideas that move between us.

In case you have any curiosity in sharing your expertise, please be at liberty to get in contact or remark.

“Study from yesterday, dwell for in the present day, hope for tomorrow. The essential factor is to not cease questioning.” – Albert Einstein


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